Seven Ways to Win New Clients

05 May 2019

When most customers pay more attention to design and overlook functionality and when so much web functionality is now standard, how do web developers (those who work the server side) or companies that offer these services ensure they stand out from the crowd? Client List Case Studies White Papers Associations / Affiliations Innovations Specialisms (expert status, vertical markets) Professionalism Flexibility Client List You client list is one of your most important assets. Read More

Be Sure To Include Disaster Recovery

07 Feb 2019

So you’ve completed the website build, and your newly polished site is online and you’re beginning to see the results from visitors who love it and who are interacting with you on a regular basis. You’re chuffed! It’s all good. The invoices are paid and now, because you have a content management system installed, you and your staff can update the content as you like without having to pay the web designer each week for updating the images. Read More